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Book Loss Goal

I’m sure everyone can relate to a weight loss goal. You know what I’m talking about. You want to lose x pounds by such and such date. Usually easier said than done. And I fear a book loss goal may be just as difficult. 

I have a book loss goal. Being a homeschooler for as many years as I have been, especially being a Charlotte Mason homeschooler who absolutely loves books, has meant that I’ve acquired a fair number of books over the years.

I have books suitable for toddlers and preschoolers, easy readers, science topic books aimed at elementary age, biographies, histories, mythology, fairy tales, multiple volume sets of classics, books about grammar and composition, classics, and I could go on and on and on.

I have 5 tall book cases on my main floor, each with 4-5 shelves and I have a number of boxes of books in my basement that I cleaned off these shelves over the years but couldn’t bear to part with. My two youngest daughters who are 18 and 21 have also scarfed up books from our shelves and claimed them as their own, saving them for the “someday” when they are homeschooling their own children. I’m not even counting those boxes when I talk about all the books I have. My goal is to reduce my bookcases from 5 down to 2! Goodness, that means “losing” more than half of my books! Is it even possible?

Some of these books came from garage sales and some came from used books stores, and of course some came from Amazon. But most of my books came from library sales. Have you been to a good library sale? Nothing compares with the hunt and joyful discovery of a treasured book, long out of print, but still in decent shape that you only paid fifty cents for. I have lots of those, some in near perfect condition, classics like the works of Dickens and Austen, poetry and short story anthologies, field guides, and some lovely hard back, beautifully illustrated children’s picture books; the kind with lovely pen and ink or water color illustrations that look beautiful enough to put in a frame and hang on the wall. I have found some stunning treasures at library sales.

I have whole sets of books; Child Craft, My Book House, Junior Classics,  Junior Deluxe Editions. The Child Craft and My Book House sets were my own when I was a child. My Book House is my favorite and I won’t part with it except to my children.  My mother found them at a garage sale, way back in the day, (she was a reader and book lover too) and they’re still in great shape, with their beautiful pictorial covers in shades of green and blue. I can open a volume from that set and be transported back to my childhood; the illustrations having been burned on my memory due to endless hours perusing the pages.

So, why the book loss goal? And after hearing how much some of these books mean to me why would I want to get rid of some of them? Getting rid of sounds so negative, doesn’t it? It’s a question of space. Now that my homeschooling is over…a subject for another post…I need the room for other pursuits and interests, not the least of which is crocheting and sewing. I fear I am accumulating yarn like I used to accumulate books…another subject for another post…and I’ve seen some interesting ideas on Pinterest using bookcases to store yarn!


One thought on “Book Loss Goal

  1. Maybe by the time your girls grab the books they want to keep, you'll have enough space for all your crafting supplies. 🙂 I like the new blog look!


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