Fall is Just Around the Corner

How I look forward to flipping the calendar from August to September! Even if the weather feels no different in early September than it felt in late August it’s still nice to turn that page and see the promise of cooler weather ahead, ripe apples, leaves beginning to change color, longer nights, and everything else that marks the change from summer to fall.

Even though most of September is technically still summer (the official first day of Fall begins this year on Sept 23 on the day of the Fall Equinox) we don’t see that fact reflected on September’s page of just about any calendar. No, you won’t usually find pictures of laughing children swimming in creeks or picnic tables with red checkered table cloths and plates piled high with corn on the cob, hamburgers, and watermelon. Instead you’ll likely find a page with back to school themes, ripe fruit, and fall colors.

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Of all the seasons fall is definitely my favorite. That is the season in which I make more decorating changes in my home than any other…. not counting Christmas of course, which is a season unto itself.

I think there should be 5 official seasons of the year; winter, spring, summer, fall, and Christmas. Of course that means we would need to cut out one of winter’s months, December, and give it to Christmas.  What a great idea!  Winter would then only be 2 months long, quite long enough, don’t you think? Not that I don’t find some aspects of winter appealing … There’s something so cozy about snuggling under blankets, eating soups and stews, sipping hot tea, and of course crocheting… but then I crochet regardless of the season! That said, I’d appreciate winter more if it were only 2 months long! Wouldn’t you? Ha! Who are we kidding?

I finished the autumn table runner below which I previously mentioned here and here.  I finally decided on the border after experimenting with 2 different colors. I took a survey among my family and several friends and it was unanimous. Gold won over the cranberry.  Gold just popped while cranberry was, well, a bit blah.
It will take up residence on my dining room table and I’ll probably place a pumpkiny spice scented candle on it or perhaps a vase of fall flowers.


I am looking forward to using it but it will not officially grace my dining room table before September.  No way! This is for the fall and I don’t want to be accused of rushing the seasons. I don’t think the pictures do the colors justice, but I think you can get the general idea.

I have several other fall projects currently in the works. I’m working on decorating a crocheted covered styrofoam wreath that I made last year. I crocheted the cover for it but never got around to embellishing it with flowers, leaves, acorns, and little pumpkins. I’m working on all of those at the moment and having a lot of fun in the process.

I also plan to crochet a fall garland of some kind but I haven’t decided exactly what it will look like. Perhaps flags in fall colors or sunflowers or a combination of crocheted acorns and leaves. So many possibilities!

What about you? Do you decorate for the fall? Are you working on any special fall projects of your own right now?


6 thoughts on “Fall is Just Around the Corner

  1. The table runner is lovely! And Fall is definitely my favorite season. I love when the temperature turns to crisp cool days; pulling out sweatshirts; the leaves exhibiting their bright vibrant colors. There's so much I love about Fall. And I think you have a great idea about making Christmas a season all of its own. I LOVE the Christmas season! I've been known to play a little Christmas music here and there as soon as the weather begins to turn colder – which is of course before December. 😉


  2. Thanks for your kind words.

    Regarding Christmas music….my daughters are basically Christmas snobs. LOL They are aghast if it is even suggested that Christmas music be played before Thanksgiving. Christmas music should ONLY be played after Thanksgiving according to them. You can imagine what they think of all the Christmas decorations in stores now and the music that will be played there well before October hits! But like you, I like to stretch the season and Christmas music when it gets colder is something I do too…but on the sly in this household or I risk disapproval! LOL


  3. Love the table runner! So much work and so beautiful. I love fall probably more then spring because it starts cooling off and everyone is looking forward to the fall and winter holidays. My DD sings Christmas music all year round but when Christmas comes she rolls on the caroling songs and we sing together a lot. I have a huge tree that we start to decorate with snowmen and icicles and lights the middle of November that stays up sometimes well into February cause everyone loves the Snowmen (over 800) scattered around the house. Thanks for using my calendar page. It is one of my favorites. Vickie


  4. Hi Vickie, Thanks for stopping by! I love your beautiful calendar pages. Do you sell your calendars? And thank you for allowing me to post your page here. I do appreciate it!

    Your Christmas tree sounds absolutely beautiful! Do you have any pics posted on your blog of it? If not please do so as I'd love to see it.


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