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Little Christmas Trees

For the past several years I’ve crocheted Christmas ornaments for each of my grandchildren. And since I have 14 of them (at least so far!) I’ve crocheted quite a few ornaments. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy doing this.  It is therapy for me, to hold yarn and hook in my hands and watch those strands magically transform into Christmas ornaments; mini stockings, snowmen, stars, snowflakes, and even Maytroshka dolls, to name some of the ornaments I’ve made. There are times when I marvel at how all those twists and loops connected together can produce such interesting designs. A miracle it would seem.

In August I found Allesandra’s Christmas tree decorations at Homemade At My Place. I was so taken by the little trees she made. So colorful and unique. I hadn’t seen anything quite like them before. She has a tutorial on her blog with step by step directions for making them.

But earlier in the summer I discovered Sue’s Simple Little Hexagons, and used that pattern to make my “hexagon doily“. I thoroughly enjoyed making those hexagons and thought it would be perfect to “marry” the two ideas; make little Christmas trees on the order of Allesandra’s but instead of using circles make them with hexagons instead. And I decided to use the Join As You Go method to connect them.

I experimented with various yarns and threads; size 10 (two strands held together), size 3, and sport weight and I used a 2.75 mm hook for all of them.

The size 3 thread and the two strands of size 10 held together produced pretty much the same size tree, 3.5″ wide by 4.25″ tall, while the sport weight tree was slightly larger, by maybe half an inch all around.

I joined the hexagons at the corners only and fiddled around with the trunk until it looked OK.  I then added names to each ornament with alphabet beads and added a little jingle bell too.

I even found some numeral beads and added the year to all of them.  I made the one below for my sister’s first grandchild. I need to get this in the mail asap!

I began this project in August which was a first for me. I don’t usually begin thinking seriously about Christmas until November. Good thing too because, as usual, life has a way of side-tracking me along the way. I can only imagine the pressure I would have felt if I hadn’t completed more than half the ornaments before September!

Are you making any ornaments this year? I’d love to hear what you’re working on!


4 thoughts on “Little Christmas Trees

  1. When I was searching for ornament ideas this year I was totally wowed by your design. It's so great that we can be inspired by others creativity and make it uniquely our own! Thanks so much for sharing your Christmas trees in the first place since it was my jumping off point!


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