A Maybelle Flower Garland … and a square

Since I was on a roll making flowers (flower table runner) I decided to make some garlands but instead of using the same pattern I used for the table runner I opted for the Maybelle Flower.

Have you seen it? It’s such a lovely flower.

From the first time I saw this flower I was smitten. I knew at some point in the future I would be making these and the perfect thing to do with them would be to make garlands. Well the time had come. Both my daughter in law and my daughter have birthdays in the spring, and I could just imagine their fireplaces bedecked with garlands of Maybelle Flowers.

These flowers work up quickly. The pattern is easily memorized and before long I had a stack of them.

Crocheting these flowers is the perfect kind of a “relaxing in the evening” crochet project.  I used knitting worsted weight yarn of various brands; whatever I had on my shelves, with a smaller hook, an F (3.75 mm). I didn’t want the flowers to be too floppy and lose their shape while hanging so I used a smaller hook than recommended for this weight yarn. They ended up approximately 4.5 inches across, which I thought was just the right size for a garland that would be draped across a fireplace.

Annette of My Rose Valley has a tutorial for the Maybelle flowers and she also has a pattern for a Maybelle Flower square.

I played around with Annette’s pattern for the Maybelle flower square and liked how they turned out.

Wouldn’t these make a lovely blanket?

Another idea for that long, long “crochet wanna-do” list of mine!


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