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A Little Doll and a Little Yellow House

One of my granddaughters celebrated her 9th birthday recently, and what could possibly be better for a birthday gift than a little crocheted doll? Cecilia already has a small bear, a little bunny and a mouse that I crocheted for her over the last year or two, but this would be the first doll.

Ever since I saw Beth’s (By Hook By Hand) new creations, Simply Amis, I had been wanting to make them. They are simple and sweet. I just love the little ears and tiny nose and the way the head is constructed allowing it to turn from side to side. I made the shorter of the two Amis, the 7 inch, slightly stocky doll.

I used two different brown yarns for the hair; a worsted weight and the other a thinner sport weight. The colors are slightly different as well. I think the mix of different yarns works well for doll’s hair.

But for the dress I used some yarn I found at a resale shop, Sirdar, Tropicana, cotton effect DK, summer colors that remind me of sherbet, popsicles, and cotton candy. It’s made in the UK, 100% acrylic. I’ve never seen it in a yarn shop here in the US, and with good reason since it’s been discontinued according to a Google search. It is available here and there on ebay but I don’t think you can find it in any store. It definitely feels like cotton, very soft. I’ve stumbled on some wonderful yarn finds at resale shops!

The dress I crocheted on the fly. I simply started with a chain, checked to see that it would wrap loosely around her and single crocheted back and forth in rows, increasing every so often, and changing colors as I went.  I wanted the dress to flare out, as if it could twirl. After all, don’t all little girls like skirts that can twirl?

Once I finished the skirt I added the bodice and straps. The dress is removable with 2 little buttons on the back, one pink and one orange. Unfortunately, I didn’t think to take any pictures of the back of the dress.

Cecilia, being the very creative little girl that she is, is always making something, especially out of cardboard. Recently she made the cutest little doll house out of a box. She is taking a very informal art class and by the sounds of it it seems she can make whatever she wants and the teacher essentially offers encouragement and suggestions, along with cupboards full of supplies.

She sponge painted the outside in yellow and white and the inside walls are purple. The roof is covered with silk flowers and ribbon bows that she hot glued onto it. There are lace curtains on the window, while white eyelet and ribbon frame the round window on the door.


How surprised she was to discover that her new little doll was the perfect size to fit inside the door of the little cottage.

Here she is sitting on a fluffy blanket leaning against a pillow sewn by Cecilia. She is still working on the bed. Notice the carpet on the floor made of a piece of burlap. A shelf that isn’t quite finished yet, made out of a cereal box, sits along one wall. Cecilia is still working on the little yellow house and I expect it will be quite the showplace when it is finished.

Looking at her little house made out of a cardboard box reminds me of one I made when I was about her age. It was made of 2 boxes, 2 stories tall. I painted the rooms, added fabric curtains and made furniture out of wooden spools, clothespins, little boxes, fabric scraps, and cardboard. My mom took a picture of it with me standing next to it. I still have that picture packed away in an album of childhood.

I guess some things are just timeless!


4 thoughts on “A Little Doll and a Little Yellow House

  1. Oh, Linda… that is such a sweet doll. I love the hair, the dress… and Cecilia -beautiful name, btw- has done such a wonderful yellow house for her doll. I love that age.


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