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Who Needs Chocolate When You Can Crochet?

Everyone knows chocolate can be relaxing, but did you know crocheting can be too? I’m here to tell you that it can be a balm and a very positive way to deal with stress.

The past several weeks have been anything but normal in my life. My 91 year old father fell in his home several days after Christmas and fractured three ribs. How difficult it is to watch your loved one suffer! He was hospitalized about five days, then spent several weeks in rehab, and has now moved to assisted living. Prior to his fall he was living independently. Needless to say a simple fall (not that a fall is ever simple for the elderly) was a life changing event for him.

I’m not even trying to compare the events my father experienced to the impact it has had in my life. The changes in my life are only temporary. But there are the odds and ends of details to manage; the errands and phone calls and all that is involved with moving a household and settling my father in his new home.

The enormity of it all, the emotions it has elicited, the many details to be attended to throughout this process is stressful. My bullet journal has been invaluable in keeping track of the lists and the phone numbers and the reminders, etc. And I’m sure there are many other details down the road that are as of yet, unknown to me.

It’s one day at a time, one foot in front of the other, keep on keeping on.

Thankfully, my father is doing very well. He has almost no pain now, and he’s feeling very comfortable in his new home. He has a deep faith and trust in God, knowing that He is in charge and sovereign in all the affairs of his life. My father is an inspiration to me.

Throughout the ins and outs of everything that has been happening one thing has stayed constant … yarn and crochet hooks. I’ve been surprised at how many crochet ideas have been floating around in my head. The creativity of crochet has been soothing and comforting and relaxing and I’ve been at it quite a bit in the evenings especially. And thanks to all that crocheting there are now two new little rabbits living at my house.

Esmeralda Joy and Cordelia May

The first one to make her home with me is Esmeralda Joy. I cannot claim her as my own original design. As usual I am inspired by the creativity of others.  I took ideas for heads and bodies and limbs and feet from others and put them together to create my very own little bunny. Hence, there is no one pattern I can site. I didn’t even bother to write down what I did but essentially allowed the crochet hook to lead. I especially love her big rabbit feet!

Esmeralda has a pink vest and eventually the plan is for her to wear a fabric skirt. I had hoped I would find just the right print in my fabric stash, but no. I need to make a stop at the fabric store one of these days.

I was barely finished with Esmeralda when I began her little sister, Cordelia May, whose inspiration came predominately from Sharon of Amigurumi To Go. Her head is shaped differently than Esmeralda’s, she’s smaller all around, and the “rouge” on her face is a bit much. I attempted to correct the “over-done-ness” of it without much success. My daughter Anna thinks perhaps she’s meant for the stage and if so has on just the right amount of make up. Maybe so. I haven’t heard her sing yet and I have no idea if she can act. (I am just beginning to get to know her after all.) At the moment she is naked and definitely not ready for the public. She too, will have a vest or sweater and a fabric skirt when I decide on the right colors and prints.

I won’t deny that chocolate hasn’t called my name on a number of occasions over the last month, but thankfully, so has my crochet hook and yarn! Crocheting is a much better way to relax when life is in an uproar, and it carries absolutely no guilt whatsoever … unlike chocolate!


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