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Bunnies and More Bunnies

Little bunnies.  I cannot stop making them. I am almost producing little crochet bunnies as abundantly as the real live ones reproduce in my backyard. And while the real ones can be cute I don’t think they’re nearly as cute as these, not to mention the fact that mine are not making a nuisance of themselves in my gardens!

It all started with a blog I stumbled upon, Crochet Object. Mo (Moran), the very talented designer/author of the blog posted about her Angie bunnies. And once I saw them I was smitten. It was love at first sight. For more than a week I kept going back and looking at the bunny until finally I couldn’t resist any longer and purchased the pattern through her Etsy Shop.

Angie Bunny designed by Mo (Moran) of Crochet Object

Aren’t they adorable? Can you see why I have been smitten?

Crocheting these sweet little bunnies is addictive, and I have no desire to be delivered from this addiction anytime soon. Just as Mo admitted, (she couldn’t stop making bunnies) I too find myself in the same predicament. If only I had more time to crochet bunnies!

As so often happens when my creative juices start flowing, I did a little tweaking to the pattern. Not that anything needed changing, mind you. The pattern is wonderful as is, but I wanted my bunnies to be able to sit and to move their heads.

So I referred to By Hook By Hand, one of my favorite crochet blogs. Beth has many doll patterns for free on her blog. I’ve made several of her dolls and found the patterns well written and easy to follow. Both the Simply Amis and Bleuette are patterns with very clear directions how to construct a doll that can sit and whose head can move from side to side. Beth’s basic directions can be applied to any doll. So I applied them! And my sweet little bunnies can both sit and move their heads!

I didn’t have the yarn called for in the Angie Bunny pattern but no problem. I discovered that no matter what size yarn or hooks I used the bunnies were adorable!

I used worsted weight (Red Heart Super Saver,  Loops and Threads Impeccable, I Love This Yarn, as well as something I had in my stash with no label). I also used baby/light weight yarn (Lion Brand Baby Soft, Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly, and from Hobby Lobby, Baby Bee Sweet Delight). And as far as hooks were concerned I used a B 2.25 mm, C 2.75 mm, D 3.25 mm, and E 3.5 mm to make all sorts of sizes of little bunnies.

Bunny on the left was the first one I made. She doesn’t sit but her head can turn.

I used three different sizes of eyes too. For the most part I used 6 mm plastic eyes with washers, attached before the head was completed. But for the littlest bunny I glued on 4 mm eyes after the head was fully stuffed. I’ve used this technique a number of times with other amigurumi dolls and have never had any problems with the eyes being secure. I also used 9 mm eyes on one of the bigger bunnies but my favorite size overall is 6 mm.

The smallest bunny is just under 7″ (18 cm) from the foot to the tip of her ears. With a size B 2.25 mm hook I used Hobby Lobby’s Baby Bee, Sweet Delight, for the head, hands, and ears. And for the sleeper body I used Michael’s Loops & Threads, Snuggly Wuggly.

The biggest bunny is about 11″ tall and I used Red Heart Super Saver and a size D 3.25 mm. I added 3 extra rows to her legs and torso but made no changes to the arms, head and ears.

I also played around with various dress designs using different yarns, different hooks, and different patterns.

And I also just fiddled around on my own measuring and fitting as I crocheted and was surprised that I actually made some dresses that weren’t too shabby! That encouraged me to keep working at it which made me realize it would have been a good idea if I had written everything down, step by step!!

…Note to self… when designing a crochet pattern a pencil and paper is as essential as a hook and yarn! 
Of course I knew that but I was just so anxious to go for it that I disregarded conventional wisdom.

Mo has patterns in her Etsy Shop and free at her blog for several different outfits and dresses for Angie Bunny. Beth also has clothing patterns at her blog for the Simply Ami dolls from which I took inspiration and adapted to fit my bunnies.

For the dresses, I found that using thinner yarn, baby weight and fingering weight, produced the best results as the dresses seem to drape more nicely.

So far I’ve made 8 bunnies and 12 (or is it 13?) different dresses and counting. After all, you can never have too many dresses can you? And I’ve even made a few summer outfits of capris and sleeveless tops.

I’ve tried to keep my bunnies hidden when my granddaughter Charlotte visits but recently I wasn’t on top of things and she spotted them sitting on my craft table all nestled up together…

“Oh Grandma, I just love your bunnies (emphasis on “love”). They are soooo cute!”

Do you think maybe she’s hinting that she’d like one? I think so too!

This bunny making is a whole lot of fun and I am nowhere near finished!


7 thoughts on “Bunnies and More Bunnies

  1. To make your day at 6:47 in the morning is quite something! Ha Ha!!

    You can see how smitten I have been with this sweet pattern. My mind just goes and goes thinking about making another and another and another! If only I felt that way about laundry!


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