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Introducing Little Miss Bunny

This has been the year of the bunny for me. I have lost track of how many bunnies have come into the world thanks to my trusty crochet hook and yarn. As I’ve mentioned in several posts, I started down this rabbit trail with Mo’s Angie Bunny. And from there I took off!

As is so often the case I begin with a pattern but before too long I find myself making changes. That’s what happened with the original Angie Bunny. I used a larger hook, different yarn, made the head moveable, added a little nose, and made the bunny able to sit. The legs have feet, and I changed the stitch count and pattern of the head and made the body a bit wider at the shoulders. And in addition to all of those changes I gave the bunny larger eyes and lop ears (some longer, some shorter) instead of sticky-up ears.

And thus was born, Little Miss Bunny.

While you did get a glimpse of Little Bunny here, today I am happy to formally introduce her to you.

Almost before a bunny is completed I have ideas for changes and I’m beginning to think I’ll never really arrive! I guess, as the saying goes, the joy is in the journey!

I’ve experimented with different yarns and have found that I like Red Heart Super Saver for the body. Because the yarn is not soft and stretchy like a wool or wool blend the fabric formed by the tightly worked single crochet holds its shape well when stuffed and is actually very good for making amigurumi. And you simply cannot beat the price, especially with a 40% or 50% off coupon.

Using a size E (3.5 mm) hook with the worsted weight yarn and following the very tweaked pattern I end up with a bunny approximately 8 1/2″ (21-22 cm) tall…that is from the bottom of the foot to the top of the head. Since the ears hang down their length doesn’t figure into the overall height.

The Little Miss Bunnies have white panties crocheted into the torso as well as socks with a crocheted lace cuff. The little lacy cuff is crocheted with sport weight yarn. I’ve played around with shoes too. Some have removable shoes and some have Mary-Janes crocheted on. The little strap across the foot is crocheted with sport weight yarn just like the lacy cuff on the socks. I like both kinds of shoes, but the advantage of crocheted on shoes means Little Miss will never have cold feet due to lost shoes.

Mary-Jane’s crocheted onto the feet

(side note… Wouldn’t it be nice if children’s shoes were “crocheted on,” never to be lost? How many hours have you spent over the years looking for their shoes?)

Doesn’t every little bunny want an ear-flower too? Of course. So I gave some of the bunnies little crocheted flowers sewn and glued to an ear. Think of it as a barrette or fancy pony tail holder, a way to pretty up the ear. I suppose they could even have two, one for each ear!

For the dresses I used sport weight or fingering weight yarn rather than worsted weight. The dresses have a nice drape and aren’t stiff.  The shoes work well whether in worsted weight or sport weight, although I  needed to vary the number of stitches as well as the hook size.

All this bunny making has just been loads of fun! But there is a down side to my latest compulsion. I’m running out of space. There are bunnies (and dolls) crammed in baskets and sitting and standing on shelves. I think it’s high time I found them some homes, although I must confess I like having them around as they do make me smile.


8 thoughts on “Introducing Little Miss Bunny

  1. Awww. I love reading the story of your babies, it's a crochet birth story, so sweet and interesting.

    They are adorable. And two of those will soon be adopted by us. (Like you, secretly, I want them for me more than my girls).


  2. Thanks Silvia! Yes, very soon I will be packing them carefully and sending them on to their new home. They are excited to be going, but very glad they will be together for the journey. It's a little scary being packed in a dark box no matter how carefully and comfortably you are wrapped up!


  3. Hi. I just found your site and am loving it. Your work is wonderful. Is there a place to go to buy the bunny dress pattern? I can not seem to find it. It’s so cute I would love to try to make it.
    Going to look around more now. 😀 Terri


    1. Hi Terri…thanks for your kind words. I’m working on the pattern for both the bunny, the basic dress and the shoes. It is at (or near) the top of my list. I hope to have them posted within a week or two…hopefully! Check back then.


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