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An Autumn Coaster

Fall has been long in coming this year. Very long. It wasn’t until the last week of September that summer finally decided to give up. Mid-90’s in mid to late September is not fun. Aside from a few fall like days early in the month summer just kept on coming.

But I didn’t let those high temperatures spoil my love for the colors of the season. So what if I needed to keep the air conditioning running 24/7. So what if the hoodies had to stay in the closet, and the windows needed to stay closed.

Since the weather wasn’t very fall like I decided to create my own sense of my most favorite season. And how did I do that? With crochet, naturally. And what did I crochet?

Coasters. Lots of coasters.

I used worsted weight cotton, mostly Sugar ‘n Cream, but also other brands, and experimented with both G (4.0 mm) and H (5.0 mm) hooks. I worked coasters of five and six rounds and played around with various stitch patterns.


Crocheting the coasters gave me an opportunity to practice some crochet techniques that I wanted to master. I’m happy to say that I have finally nailed the standing double crochet stitch. Tamara of Moogly  has a helpful video tutorial which I watched a number of times. In fact her blog is a wealth of crochet information. She has numerous instructional videos for both the beginner and for those who want to take their crochet knowledge further.

I also made use of the invisible join instead of the normal slip stitch to the first stitch of the round. I have used the method off and on in the past, but after playing around with these coasters I’m absolutely hooked (no pun intended!) on the technique. Sarah London has a great picture tutorial of the method.

After crocheting more than a dozen coasters I decided on the pattern that I liked the best and thought I’d share it here for anyone who might be interested.


Finished size: approximately 5 1/2 inches

Yarn: 5 colors of worsted weight cotton like Lily Sugar ‘n Cream

Hook: H (5.0 mm)

Stitches used are sc and dc, American terminology.

At the end of each round work a sl st into the beginning stitch OR work an invisible join

Instead of beginning rounds 2, 4 and 5 with a chain 3 you can do a standing double crochet

Instead of beginning round 3 with a sl st and chain 1 you can do a standing single crochet

Rnd 1. With color 1 work a Magic Ring, then ch 4, (counts as first dc, ch 1),  (dc, ch 1) eleven more times. sl st to 3rd chain of beginning chain 4 OR work an invisible join. (12 dc, ch 1 spaces)

Rnd 2. With color 2:  2 dc in each ch 1 space around. sl st into first st OR work an invisible join. (24 dc)

Rnd 3. With color 3:  (sc in each of the next 3 sts, 2 sc in the next st ) x 6 between each st rather than into each st of the previous round. sl st into first st OR work an invisible join. (30 sc)

Rnd 4. With color 4:  (3 dc in a st, skip 1 st) x 15.  sl st into first st OR work an invisible join. (15 groups of 3 dc)

Rnd 5.  With color 5:  (dc, ch 3, dc) in the spaces between the groups of 3 dc. sl st into first st OR work an invisible join.

Sew in all yarn tails and your coaster is finished.

Now go make yourself a warm cup of something, and use your new coaster!


10 thoughts on “An Autumn Coaster

  1. The coasters are beautiful! And I love that coffee mug! It's October and we still have our air conditioning on. It was in the mid 80s most of this week…. but I think a cool down is supposed to begin any day now with Fall temperatures coming back. Yay!


  2. A few days ago we were in the mid 80's too. And was it ever humid. But now, finally, I think fall is here, and here to stay. We had temps in the upper 40's overnight! Yay!

    The girls gave me that mug for my birthday. I use it every day!

    Thanks for stopping by, dear friend!


  3. So beautiful, dear Linda, as everything that comes from your loving hands. Fall is beautiful, isn't it, great inspiration. Love the colors of all the coasters together.


  4. Thank you Silvia!

    Fall is absolutely my most favorite season of all. While all the seasons have favorite moments for me, it is the fall that I find the most delightful. Probably due mostly to the welcome relief from the unrelenting heat and humidity of summer. And of the course nothing can compare with the colors!


  5. Even in the south of Sweden summer stuck around for far longer than usual, but now we're into proper hot drink and woolly sweater weather. Your coasters are lovely, thanks so much for sharing the pattern. I've pinned it so I can have a go too at some point.


  6. That surprises me, about Sweden's summer this year. I wouldn't have thought that would ever be the case. I had to turn on the air conditioner again a few days ago thanks to high humidity and upper 80's temps. We broke the record for the highest temp ever for that day. It felt like a sauna! Ugh! But today it's much cooler and rainy and way more fall like and I'm happy!

    Thanks for your kind words and I hope you enjoy making one.


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