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Blanket Finally Finished!

Way, way back in February, 2015 Sandra posted on her blog, Cherry Heart, about a new blanket pattern she was working on, The Weekender Blanket. I was so drawn to it and determined I would make one for myself. And what a great way to use up stash! Who doesn’t have a boatload of stash?

With a name like Weekender Blanket it sounded like it would be a quick project. NOT! Especially when you get side-tracked, which is definitely my modus operandi. I can’t say for sure exactly when I began the project but I downloaded the pattern in March 2015 and began working on it shortly thereafter. It took until this January 2017 to finish it …

Almost 2 years.

But I finished it!

It’s not that the project was so massive that it took that long to complete. No. Just me, getting side-tracked, putting it aside when something else looked especially appealing at the moment.

I think I have ADD.

Sandra’s pattern is easy to follow and well written. I did change it up though, which is very common for me. Instead of solid hexagons I decided to make the third round of every square the same ivory color. I was kind of looking for a polka-dot theme.

All of the yarn used in this blanket was yarn I had on hand, except for the ivory. For that I had to buy additional skeins. If memory serves me correctly I purchased 3 skeins of Hobby Lobby’s I Love This Yarn, and even had some left over…more stash for another project.

To make the blanket I began by crocheting 2 rounds of each hexagon. I would grab a color and go for it. I had stacks of mini 2 round hexagons.

In fact I have some left over. I might just make a pillow to match the blanket.

The names and brands of yarn I used are many. Most of it was acrylic but some was a washable acrylic/wool blend. All of it was worsted weight and I used a size H (5.0 mm) hook.

The hexagons were joined at the corners only, using the join-as-you-go method.

I love the look of the four round border but I must confess I had some problems. I was on round four and there were places where it just wasn’t looking right. I made silly mistakes in previous rounds and had to pull it out and begin again. That was pretty discouraging.

I gave myself several days before I picked it up again and redid the border.

Notice the half hexagons on the straight side! I really like the look of them. Sandra’s pattern also has directions for a filler for the pointy sides if you want it straight on all four sides. I never considered that option since I love the look of the points.

So the final stats on the blanket are as follows:

346 full hexagons
22 half hexagons
measures approximately 62 inches (157 cm) by 68 inches (173 cm).

Two of my daughters have very graciously offered to give it a home. Aren’t they considerate?  But I’m nowhere near ready to part with it. It sits on the couch/futon in the guest room, and often when I walk by I stop for a bit and admire it. I will sometimes read in that room, and when I do I wrap myself up in it. It’s soft and warm and I’m so glad I finished it, even if it did take almost 2 years.

Thanks Sandra, for your lovely pattern!


20 thoughts on “Blanket Finally Finished!

  1. It is so beautiful. That's all I always say, Linda, but I am at loss for words when I see those bright colors, the beautiful patterns, the softly crocheted stitches… I will be fighting for this blanket too if I were one of your dds or dds in law!


  2. Thanks Karen. The border pulls the whole blanket together. I think my eye is drawn more to the border than to even all the colorful hexagons! I am continually amazed at the creativity of the designers of these patterns.


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