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A Box of Crayons Blanket

So far in 2017 I’ve finished two blankets! First it was the hexagon blanket finished in January.  And now A Box of Crayons Blanket crocheted using Lucy’s Neat Ripple pattern for Elliot, my youngest grandchild, which I completed in February … on February 28 to be exact.

blanket on rocker

This blanket reminds me of a box of crayons with all those bright colors!

Elliot was born in July 2015. I began a blanket for him when he was only a few months old and then laid it aside, distracted by other projects. It kept calling to me, but I kept ignoring the calls as I was continually side-tracked with other projects. I had lost interest in my original plan. Each solid granny square was to have two colors only;  the first three rounds as a circle of one color and the three final rounds of the square worked in another color. But then I got hung up at the thought of sewing together all those squares.

After Christmas I determined it was high time to finish these unfinished projects. 2017 would be the year of Finished Projects! And once I finished the hexagon blanket I turned my attention to Elliot’s blanket.

Once I gave up on the granny squares it was only natural to go for a proven winner, Lucy’s Neat Ripple.

I had already made a ripple blanket for Elliot’s older brother Peter several years ago and still had quite a bit of yarn left over, plus I picked up more when a local yarn shop went out of business. It was hard to resist the scrumptious Plymouth Encore yarn at almost half price! This yarn is so soft and the range of colors just goes on and on!

blanket on floor

In early February I determined that come what may I would finish Elliot’s blanket before March 1.  And I did!

blanket w:Mr Bear

Sitting on the blanket is Mr. Bear, a long time member of our family. I made him for my son Michael  when he was about five years old, almost 24 years ago. He looks pretty good considering how old he is, don’t you think? It could have something to do with the fact that Mr. Bear sat on a shelf or a dresser most of the time and try as he did he just couldn’t convince Michael to play with him much. Unfortunately for Mr. Bear,  Michael preferred Legos to just about anything else. He even slept with his Lego creations as other children might sleep with soft, handmade bears. You never know what a child will love and what he will mostly ignore! Consequently, Mr. Bear is in tip top shape! And he loves being a prop sitting on the Box of Crayons Blanket.

At the moment I am working on unfinished blanket number 3 with high hopes of finishing it before the end of March. We shall see. Hopefully, I won’t get side-tracked before completing it. This particular blanket is the oldest of the unfinished blanket projects having begun it in 2013. I think it’s high time it was finished, don’t you?

Do you have any unfinished blankets (or other projects) you’re determined to complete in 2017?

I’m guessing you might!



13 thoughts on “A Box of Crayons Blanket

  1. I’m very proud of you, you are finishing lots of unfinished projects. This blanket is stunning, I love the colors, and that yarn looks scrumptious as you say. What a beautiful name it has.
    Mr. Bear looks great, vintage and not a bit worn out.
    You have talent, it must be the love you put in what you crochet.


    1. Thanks Silvia! Mr Bear will be glad to hear your compliments as he’s been so ignored for so many years! He does have a prominent place now sitting on the back of the futon in the combination guest/play room. A number of grandchildren enjoy playing with him ever so often, including Michael’s almost four year old daughter!

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  2. Thank you! And the reason why I have these unfinished projects is exactly because I get so easily distracted, just like you. There are just too many wonderful projects that I want to do!


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