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Another Blanket Finished!


When 2017 began I had two goals in mind regarding crochet and yarn…

  1. Finish unfinished projects.
  2. Buy no more yarn … or at least as little as possible … and use up what I already have.

I am happy to say that I completed another project, a blanket that has been on my “to be completed” list longer than any other project (in recent memory). I already showed you the Box of Crayons blanket I completed in February and the hexagon blanket I completed in January. And now I am happy to say I’ve completed the third blanket for this year! I was hoping to complete it before the end of March and I actually did, with several days to spare.

granny strip

Back in February 2014 I gave you a peak of it here. At the time of writing that post the blanket was already over a year in the making and about half finished. Do you know how daunting it is to crochet a blanket that will cover a king size bed?

The blanket is so large that it was difficult to get a good picture of it.

granny stripe folded on bed

In the picture above it’s folded in fourths at the foot of the bed. It hangs over both sides by about 12 inches and when it’s completely unfolded it covers the bed from the head to the foot.

The narrow border was done in four rounds following exactly Lucy’s pattern. Her design is perfect and needed no tweaking!

granny stripe border

It has a total of 84 color stripes, 168 rows.

It weighs about 9 pounds (over 4000 grams) which translates to approximately 86 skeins of yarn. I don’t even want to calculate what it actually cost in dollars. Way more than I would have been willing to spend initially!

I used primarily Plymouth Encore with some Vanna’s Choice thrown in for more variety and a size H (5 mm) hook. The pattern I used was Lucy’s Granny Stripe, a pattern that I am sure I could now work in my sleep.

And best of all it is warm and soft and whenever I walk past my bedroom and see it lying all nicely folded at the foot of the bed I smile. Sometimes I just stand and look at it for a bit … and am so grateful it’s finally finished!

Will I ever take on a project that large again … no.



11 thoughts on “Another Blanket Finished!

  1. Found you via Hookin’ on Hump Day and thought I’d stop by to say hi! Blankets are my favorite things to crochet, too, it’s so relaxing and rewarding!! I think I’ll hang around for a while and look at the other blankets you’ve mentioned…
    All the best from k-town,

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