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Dishcloths Using Leftover Bits of Yarn and the Pattern!

Like most who crochet I save the leftover yarn from various projects I’ve worked on. I have a two gallon zip lock bag filled with very small “balls” of cotton yarn left over mostly from making dishcloths. These little balls aren’t enough for another dishcloth but I save them rather than toss them.

multi color dishcloth 1 2

It is difficult to throw away yarn. You never know what you might be able to use it for!

dishcloth10 2

Recently, I was exhausted after a very full day and decided to veg out on the couch and watch some mind numbing TV. But even though my mind would be vegging out I still wanted to keep my hands busy. It just does not seem right to sit down and not have a crochet hook and yarn in my lap.

dishcloth1 2

A dishcloth is the perfect project for such a time. The pattern I use requires no thinking and it can be adjusted to any size. It’s a simple repeat from row 2 on. I’ve been making dishcloths with this pattern for just about forever.  I have no idea if there’s a specific name for the stitch but the closest pattern to it is the granite/moss stitch.

dishcloth group

I first blogged about these dishcloths several years ago, but decided it was time for an update. I’ve added a few more details to the instructions and it can be downloaded as a pdf here, Dishcloth Pattern

dishcloth9 2

I can virtually crochet a dishcloth from start to finish with my eyes closed.  It’s that simple. It’s the perfect project for road trips. I can enjoy the scenery and whip up a dishcloth at the same time, barely looking at the yarn and hook in my hands. From start to finish it takes me less than an hour to crochet one. So what could be better for an evening of crochet when the last thing you want to do is concentrate?

dishcloth2 2

I pulled out the bag of little “balls” of yarn and decided it was time to use up some of the leftovers.  Just grab a color and go for it. It was fun watching the colorful dishcloth take shape. And by the time I headed to bed I had several new dishcloths.

This was fun and so for the next several days I watched the bag of itty bitty balls of yarn be transformed into useful and colorful dishcloths.

There is one challenge to crocheting with many different colors … weaving in all the ends. But with this pattern that is not an issue. The ends are secured and hidden in two steps over two rows and nothing could be easier.

The first step is simply holding the two ends (the old color and the new color) on top of the row and crocheting over them. Make sure you leave long tails (4-5 inches) so they are long enough to work over easily.

The picture below shows a finished row in which the tails have been crocheted over. But if you’ll notice it’s not too finished looking is it?


The second step is what makes the ends virtually invisible and secures them in place. When you come to the chain space where you will work the 2 sc stitches you simply insert your hook underneath the tails pulling them up and holding them snuggly in place.

In the picture below I’ve inserted my hook beneath the tails and will include them when working the 2 sc stitches.

dishcloth detail 2

Below I’ve completed the 2 sc and you can see how the stitches have pulled up the tails effectively hiding and securing them.

dishcloth detail 3

At the end of the row give the tails a gentle pull, cut off what’s left, and they will barely be seen.

dishcloth 2

A fun way to make very useful dishcloths while using up stash in the process!


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