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Ups and Downs

Life is full of seasons of ups and downs; some ups are incredible mountain top ups while some downs are just the pits. That’s life. Everybody who lives and breathes knows all about it.

Well, at the moment I’m in a down season. It’s a very literal down season in that my mobility is severely restricted. In mid July I had surgery to repair my Achilles’ tendon. It’s been a full four weeks since then and I have a cast almost knee high on my left leg. I am not allowed full weight bearing and it will be another 4 weeks before I am able to even partially bear weight. So, as you can see, I’m in a down season … literally.

I had a nasty bone spur on my heel and fragments from it broke off and embedded in the tendon.


After the many visits to Physical Therapy and anti-inflammatory medication failed to bring relief there was only one remaining option … surgery.

purple cast

To say I was dreading it is the understatement of all understatements. It’s not that I doubted the skill of the surgeon, or feared the procedure itself and the post surgical pain that would follow, or was anxious about the eventual outcome. No, those weren’t the sources of my dread.

It was the weeks (months) of limited mobility and the dependency it would produce.

How in the world would I manage? Think about the normal activities of daily living … using the bathroom, bathing, dressing, getting from point A to point B while bearing weight on only one leg.

Most people who need Achilles’ tendon repair are young and athletic. In fact they probably were injured while participating in a sport. They generally aren’t grandmas who’ve already passed their 60th birthdays, who have arthritis and issues with their shoulders and knees. I’m not complaining … just saying.

The surgery went off without a hitch, as I expected. Post op pain peaked at Day 3, and what a peak it reached! Thankfully, it also diminished quite quickly and by the end of the first week I needed virtually no pain meds.

My husband Bob took off 3 weeks from work and was the best nurse and caregiver ever! He anticipated my every need and then some. He also built a temporary ramp so I could be wheeled in and out of the house for those infrequent times I need to go out.

Not only that, but friends from church, as well as others, brought meals, sent cards and flowers, stopped by with ice cream (Magnum Minis Double Caramel ice cream bars…have you tried them? They are addicting!), brought me homemade muffins, dvd’s, and books.  Such an outpouring of love. It is truly humbling.

scooter 1

I get around in the house on a knee scooter. It has been a lifesaver when it comes to mobility. Unfortunately, my knee begins to complain if I’m on it for more than about 15 minutes. Bob jerry-rigged a little basket on the front which really comes in handy because it takes 2 hands to manage the scooter safely. Carrying a cup of coffee is totally out of the question without this basket. One of my daughters said all I need now is a bicycle bell!

scooter 2

So what do I do all day?

Sit on the recliner sofa with my leg elevated, read and crochet.

But mostly I crochet!

The first project I took on was a crocheted phone case that I wear around my neck. I don’t have to worry about losing it under the couch.  And when I have two feet again I see it coming in handy for walks around the neighborhood.

phone case 2

Next to the sofa is a little table with everything I might need during the day …


Ice water, computer, i-pad, container of yarn, jar of crochet hooks and scissors, my Bible and notebook, other books, kindle, and various odds and ends needed for some projects I’m working on.


Bob figured out how not to lose the various charger cords … clipping them to the wooden box that serves as storage for my Bible, notebook, crochet hooks, etc.

wooden box

Being able to crochet all day, is, in one sense, a dream come true! The silver lining as they say. How many times have I thought how great it would be to crochet to my heart’s content and ignore everything else! So mixed in with the down of immobility is the up of crochet … crochet without guilt! You simply can’t beat it!

So what have I been working on besides the phone case?  Let me just say the weeks so far have been very fruitful, but I’ll leave that for another post …


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