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Crochet Christmas Projects

I’ve not been posting much recently but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been very busy crocheting, among other things. I thought I’d share a few Christmas projects I’ve been working on. First of all I finally completed the Granny Tree Skirt I started 2 years ago. It was love at first sight the moment I… Continue reading Crochet Christmas Projects

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Little Owl Ornaments and the Pattern

For a number of years I’ve given my grandchildren Christmas ornaments. Recently I’ve crocheted them and with fifteen grandchildren this is no small undertaking. In previous years I’ve crocheted Icicle Boys and Girls, Little Christmas Trees, Santas, Snowmen, Little Stockings, and Matryoshka Dolls. I began the little owls in late August. Good thing too because I made… Continue reading Little Owl Ornaments and the Pattern

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A Crocheted Garland of Christmas Trees

In addition to the icicle boy and girl ornaments I have another Christmas project to share; a garland of Christmas trees. I made my garland to hang across 2 windows but it could hang on the wall or fireplace or even on the Christmas tree itself. This is an easy, quick project and a great… Continue reading A Crocheted Garland of Christmas Trees

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Little Icicle Boys and Girls: The Pattern

I introduced you to the little icicle boys and girls earlier. Now I want to share the pattern with you. It  is a straight forward pattern that I don’t think will be difficult to follow. The ornaments are crocheted from the bottom tip of the icicle up, crocheted in rounds as amigurumi is done. The… Continue reading Little Icicle Boys and Girls: The Pattern

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Little Icicle Boys and Girls

I cannot believe October is almost gone. Where did it go? This is the longest I’ve ever gone without posting. I’ve been busy, lost in Creative Land. I have so many irons in the fire it isn’t even funny. It’s that time of the year when Santa’s elves get busy and although I’m far from… Continue reading Little Icicle Boys and Girls

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Santa Claus and Wedding Gifts

When my oldest daughter was married one of the gifts she received was a Christmas tree garland made of homespun fabric “bows” tied onto a length of jute twine, together with wooden beads and spools strung between them. My friend Karla made it for her after being inspired by one she had seen at a… Continue reading Santa Claus and Wedding Gifts

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A Snowflake Garland to Match the Winter Wreath

I just love garlands and banners. They are so fun and add so much to the general theme of the season. Especially when they’re strung across the mantel of the fireplace. I’ve seen so many beautiful crocheted garlands on Pinterest for every season, every whim, every occasion, draped gracefully above the fireplace. They totally “make”… Continue reading A Snowflake Garland to Match the Winter Wreath

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A Winter Wreath….Finally Finished!

I’ve made 4 seasonal wreaths, so far. This is rather addicting, as is crochet in general. I made one for spring and summer, another one for the Fourth of July, one for the fall and finally one for the winter. The only wreath I specifically blogged about was the Fall wreath. Maybe as the seasons… Continue reading A Winter Wreath….Finally Finished!

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Merry, Merry Christmas!

Wishing everyone a wonderful Christmas with your family and friends and hoping all your various and sundry projects were completed in time. Did you manage to crochet and knit everything on your list, bake all the cookies and goodies, sew and craft whatever, in order to lend a hand and help out Santa’s elves? No?… Continue reading Merry, Merry Christmas!

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Little Christmas Trees

For the past several years I’ve crocheted Christmas ornaments for each of my grandchildren. And since I have 14 of them (at least so far!) I’ve crocheted quite a few ornaments. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy doing this.  It is therapy for me, to hold yarn and hook in my hands and… Continue reading Little Christmas Trees