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Introducing Little Miss Bunny

This has been the year of the bunny for me. I have lost track of how many bunnies have come into the world thanks to my trusty crochet hook and yarn. As I’ve mentioned in several posts, I started down this rabbit trail with Mo’s Angie Bunny. And from there I took off! As is… Continue reading Introducing Little Miss Bunny

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One Little Bunny Finds a New Home

I’ve made a number of little bunnies now, all based (more or less) on Mo’s lovely Angie Bunny pattern.  The bunnies I’ve recently made (so far!) are sitting together in a basket on the work table in my craft room but today I brought them outside for some fresh air! They seem to be quite… Continue reading One Little Bunny Finds a New Home

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Dolls, Bunnies, and a Bad Hair Week

I mentioned in a recent blog post that I’ve been occupied with bunny making recently. I made 8, or is it 9 or 10 of the little cuties, as well as dresses and summer outfits; way more clothes than there were bunnies to wear them. So I decided I would make some little dolls, as… Continue reading Dolls, Bunnies, and a Bad Hair Week

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Bunnies and More Bunnies

Little bunnies.  I cannot stop making them. I am almost producing little crochet bunnies as abundantly as the real live ones reproduce in my backyard. And while the real ones can be cute I don’t think they’re nearly as cute as these, not to mention the fact that mine are not making a nuisance of… Continue reading Bunnies and More Bunnies

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Who Needs Chocolate When You Can Crochet?

Everyone knows chocolate can be relaxing, but did you know crocheting can be too? I’m here to tell you that it can be a balm and a very positive way to deal with stress. The past several weeks have been anything but normal in my life. My 91 year old father fell in his home… Continue reading Who Needs Chocolate When You Can Crochet?

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A Little Doll and a Little Yellow House

One of my granddaughters celebrated her 9th birthday recently, and what could possibly be better for a birthday gift than a little crocheted doll? Cecilia already has a small bear, a little bunny and a mouse that I crocheted for her over the last year or two, but this would be the first doll. Ever… Continue reading A Little Doll and a Little Yellow House