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A Journal Pen Holder

As I’ve mentioned before I use a┬ábullet journal. It has made all the difference in the flow of my days. Being someone who is naturally disorganized and easily side-tracked, the bullet journal has been a great help keeping my days more focused. Having a pen always at the ready is absolutely essential. Previously I used… Continue reading A Journal Pen Holder

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School Planning…Again?

The good old days. I’m remembering them so clearly that it almost seems like I’m reliving them. Wait … I am reliving them in a way. I’m helping my daughter pull together her school plans for her two oldest. It’s not like I’ve never done this before … answered her questions as best I could,… Continue reading School Planning…Again?

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Some Random Thoughts on Facebook

Is there anyone between the ages of 12 and 90 with access to a computer (or smart phone) who does not have a Facebook account? Well, yes, I know of 2, my husband and one son. But other than that I think just about everyone has an account and posts at least somewhat regularly, or… Continue reading Some Random Thoughts on Facebook

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Honor Flight For My Dad

Recently my 92 year old father, a WWII veteran, was privileged to participate in an Honor Flight to Washington, DC, and my husband Bob went with him as his guardian. It was an amazing experience for both of them! To say that my Dad was blessed by the experience would be an understatement! The purpose… Continue reading Honor Flight For My Dad

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A Road Trip With The Black Count

Recently my husband and I took a road trip which consisted of close to 18 hours in the car. It’s not that our destination was so terribly far away but rather that we encountered horrible traffic and road construction. (What does one expect when Chicago is anywhere in the vicinity?) Before we left we stocked… Continue reading A Road Trip With The Black Count

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Spring in My Neck of the Woods

…or should I say Prairie? I live in central Illinois, USA which is not exactly known for its woodland forests. But be that as it may, spring is definitely here and has been for some time. In fact, this has been one of the earliest, warmest springs we’ve seen in awhile. At least it seems… Continue reading Spring in My Neck of the Woods

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Who Needs Chocolate When You Can Crochet?

Everyone knows chocolate can be relaxing, but did you know crocheting can be too? I’m here to tell you that it can be a balm and a very positive way to deal with stress. The past several weeks have been anything but normal in my life. My 91 year old father fell in his home… Continue reading Who Needs Chocolate When You Can Crochet?

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A Few Reflections on Narration, Part 2

Last time I shared the humorous story of my grandson’s narration. As I said, my oldest daughter is pleased with single word narrations from him. I’ve encouraged her that things will improve over time. She knows she just needs to keep at it, one foot in front of the other and eventually she will see… Continue reading A Few Reflections on Narration, Part 2